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Known to many as the best backcountry aircraft on the market, the Husky offers all the best features of other planes in its class and much more. The Husky can be used just about anywhere by anyone. From fish spotting to counting cattle, pleasure or business, no matter where you're going Husky will get you there. The plane can be equipped with floats, skis or tundra tires. So the question is...


Husky is the safest, most versatile two-seater bush plane available. If you have never flown a tail dragger before, there is no better or easier for you to learn on. The simple, well-built, rugged structure of the Husky, combined with its great visibility, make it extremely safe and ideal for any flyer looking for the modern taildragger experience. Whether you are a first-time student flyer, a teacher or someone just looking for adventure, Husky is the plane for you!

We took Lane for a Husky Ski Plane Adventure. She writes about it in Flying Magazine - Click to read the article.

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