2007 Husky A-1B N132AA, 180HP. This plane is sold.
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Park a 'model' in your Hangar. This glamorous Husky A-1B was featured in "Ski Flying: Where Wheels Dare Not Go" December issue of Flying Magazine. Demo - only flown in the photo shoot. Download the Article.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! Bolt on your retractable skis, climb into a N132AA, crank up the heat and take off for snow country. Find a clearing with lots of that beautiful fresh powder and circle to land. Pull out your cross country skis, snow shoes, or ice fishing gear and expand the envelope on adventure. Access country others can only dream about, play for awhile and make a huge plume as you lift off for home.

Enjoy winter’s finest…but it doesn't stop there with this versatile plane. Just change the skis for floats or tires and you are ready for Summer.

The N132AA includes the following options:
• Husky A-1B, 180HP Factory Demo
• Stowage, Aft RH/LH
• Side Baggage Compartment
• Rear Seat Heat and Defrost Kit
• Right Side Landing Light
• Bose Harness
• Radio, Install Music Input
• Case Assembly, Map
• Decal Set, Husky Head
• Upswept Wing Tips, LH/RH
• Garmin GPSMap 496, click for more information.
• STC 205 CM MT Composite Prop (installed after the photo shoot)
This composite prop is light weight, it takes a lot of weight off the front end (approx 28lbs). The extra width of the blade is great for short take offs and breaking action when you pull the power back on final. It will help slow you down - great for backcountry.
• 850 Oversized Tires
• Becker 4201 Comm/Becker 4401 TXP
• Set up for Aero-ski 2800 Retractable Wheel Skis
Retractable Wheel Skis a $10,000 value, FREE!
• STC B&C Oil Filter
• Shoulder Inertia - Rear Cockpit
• Power Port Receptacle
• Indicator Bank (Ball Type)

Click to Download Spec Sheet, in PDF format.

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