2008 Husky A-1C N178BW, 200HP. This plane is sold.
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If you want an airplane that ROCKS and performs like a dream, you need the Husky A-1C Razor Edition. Bill designed this plane and paint scheme to take the Husky to the wild-side. We live in the backcountry - we love to fly Huskys and we know how to set them up with the correct options that get you into and out of the backcountry with ease.

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The N178BW includes the following options:
• Husky A-1C, 200hp
• Stowage, Aft RH/LH
• Side Baggage Compartment
• Rear Seat Heat and Defrost Kit
• Right Side Landing Light
• Radio Package 9: Becker 4201 Transponder, Becker 4401 Com, PM 1000 II Intercom, ACK Encoder, Music Input Jack, Gyro Panel with Vacuum System
• Bose Harness
• Radio, Install Music Input
• Power Port Receptacle
• Reiff Engine Heater
• Alaska Tailwheel w/29" Tundra Tires
• Garmin GPSMap 496, click for more information.
• Chrome Spinner
• STC 205 CM MT Composite Prop - This composite prop is light weight, it takes a lot of weight off the front end (approx 28lbs). The extra width of the blade is great for short take offs and breaking action when you pull the power back on final. It will help slow you down - great for backcountry.
• Leather Seats, Gray
• STC B&C Oil Filter (200 pkg)
• Chrome Decal

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