2006 TBM 850. Loaded. Demo time only! Click photos to enlarge.
This plane is sold.



Standard Equipment Base Price $2,576,930.00
Total Price as Equipped $2,803,692.00


• Metal structure and skin paneling
• Anti-corrosion protection treatment
• Retractable gear with electrohydraulic actuation
• Hydraulic disc brakes
• Pressurized 6-seat cabin & baggage compartment (6.2 psi)
• Sound proofing and thermal insulation
• Large access door with retractable stairway
• Emergency exit
• Front storage compartment (not pressurized) with
lockable access door
• Rear baggage compartment (not pressurized) with lockable
access door
• Rear fuselage servicing door
• Easy maintenance access doors
• Tie-down attachments
• Jacking points
• Standard painting and decoration
• Gaseous oxygen system with quick-donning pilot and
co-pilot oxygen masks

Engine / Propeller
• PT6A-66D Pratt & Whitney Canada turboprop engine, 1825
ESHP thermodynamic, flat rated at 850 SHP
• Four bladed HARTZELL constant speed propeller w/ over
speed limiter, full feathering and reverse
• Polished aluminum spinner cone
• Oil cooler
• Anti-icing air inlet with inertial separator
• Dual exhaust system
• Service access doors in cowlings

• Dual flight controls
• Electric pitch and rudder trim on pilot control wheel
• Elevator, Rudder and Aileron electric trim
• Electrical pre-select flaps with integrated asymmetry
detection system
• Central console including:
- power control
- propeller pitch control
- condition lever
- manual control override
- electric flap control
- fuel selector
- manual pitch trim
- electric aileron trim
• Adjustable rudder pedals
• Landing gear handle
• Dual toe brakes
• Parking brake
• Landing gear emergency extension handle
• Environment and pressurization control system
• Alternate static source control
• Alternate ram air source control

Fuel equipment
• One structural fuel tank per wing
• Engine driven fuel pump
• Standby electrical fuel pump
• Fuel tank selector with automatic sequencer unit
• Capacitive fuel gauges with low fuel level warning

• Airspeed Indicator
• Vertical speed indicator
• Magnetic compass
• Torque indicator
• Propeller tachometer
• Turbine temperature indicator (ITT)
• Gas generator tachometer
• Oil pressure and temperature indicator
• OAT Indicator
• Airframe de-icing control panel
• Inertial separator control
• Parking brake control
• Landing gear position monitoring panel
• Flap position indicator
• Trim position indicator (elevator, rudder and ailerons)
• Voltmeter and ammeter
• Electric generation controls and monitoring
• on overhead panel
• Advisory panel with master caution, master
• warning and aural warning
• Fuel management panel
• Cabin temperature control
• Cabin altitude and differential pressure indicator
• Cabin rate of climb indicator
• Heated stall warning system
• Digital chronometer
• Flight time hour meter
• Instrument panel lighting
• Tri-band ELT with aircraft identification
• KFC 325 3 Axis digital Auto Pilot with altitude pre-select
• and yaw damper

Electrical Equipment
• Lead Acid battery 24V-43 Amphour
• Starter generator 28V-200 Amp (rated at 180 Amp)
• Standby generator 28 V-70 Amp (rated at 57 Amp)
• Electrical Power control center
• Circuit breakers
• Anti-collision strobe lights
• Navigation lights
• Taxiing and landing lights
• Ground power plug
• Ground clearance energy saver
• Tri band ELT

Ice protection
• Pneumatically deiced wing and tail unit
• Heated engine air intake lip
• Electrically heated Hartzell Propeller
• Pilot controlled engine inertial separator
• Electrically heated propeller blades
• Electrically heated pitot tubes
• Electrically deiced stall warning sensor
• Pilot & Co-pilot electrically heated windshields
• Ice detector light

• Halon cabin extinguisher
• Parking protection kit
• Cabin cover

• Upper Side Panels, Light Beige Leather
• Lower Side Panel & Cabinets, Dark Beige Leather
• Wood Trim, Burled Walnut (Medium)
• Metal Trim, Anthracite Plating (Black)
• Seat Covers, Medium Beige Leather
• Carpet, Beige

Paint Scheme
• Top Fuselage & Wings: Gloss White,
• Bottom Fuselage & Wingtips: Platinum Metallic
• Stripe 1: Burgundy Metallic (Gloss Red)
• Accent (Stripe): Gold Metallic (Gloss Gold)
• Registration Number: Slanted, Chamfered, Burgundy Metallic (Gloss Red), Shadowed, Gold Metallic (Gloss Gold)

Factory Installed Optional Equipment
A. RVSM & Instrument Package: $76,000
Pilot side and center instrument panel
• KEA 130 replaced by AM 250 Encoding Altimeter connected to Transponder #1
• Fuel flow indicator replaced by Shadin Engine Trend Monitoring System (ETM 700) incl. fuel flow monitor and airdata computer
Co-pilot side instrument panel
• Electric pitch and rudder trims on co-pilot control wheel
• GNS 430 replaced by GNS 530 VHF (FM immune) COM
(25 kHz & 8,33 kHz spacing) /VOR-ILS/GPS
• KRA 405 B Radar Altimeter displayed on EHSI
• GTX 327 Mode C transponder #2
• AM 250 Encoding Altimeter connected to transponder #2
• Electric attitude indicator
• Vertical speed indicator
• Airspeed indicator
• KCS 55 A heading No.2 and KI 525A HSI connected to NAV 2
• Co-pilot side map light and approach plate holder

B. IHAS 8000 PACKAGE including: $61,300
• KMH 880 option for KMD-850 MFD Traffic Alert System (TAS) and
Terrain Awareness Warning System (TAWS)
• WX 500 Stormscope displayed on KMD 850 MFD

C. RDR 2000 radar (displayed on KMD 850): $30,000
D. AIR CONDITIONING (R 134): $29,810
E. Pulse Light Anti-collision System: $2,790
F. Leather Upper Side Panels: $4,390
G. One Lower Storage Cabinet: $4,400
H. One Upper Storage Cabinet: $4,400

Installed Optional Equipment
KDR510 Data Link System, Trickle Charger, Leather Carpet Runner, and Sheepskin Seat Covers: $13,672

Total Price as Equipped $2,803,692.00

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